Recent Successes

F-1 Student Visa- Allison

Allison is a working professional who realized that her English skills weren’t as good as she would like them to be when she visited the United States as a tourist. She determined that she wanted to brush up on her English skills and obtain her master’s degree in Business Administration, so she decided to apply for the F-1 Student Visa required to attend school as an international student and contacted ALG Lawyers to begin the process. Allison returned to her home country, interviewed at the embassy for a visa, and was readily approved. She returned to the United States and began her studies. Upon graduation, she was able to apply for OPT status, and later her company even sponsored her for an H-1B visa. Allison has been happily living and working in the United States ever since.

Provisional Stateside Waiver- Felicia

Felicia is an illegal immigrant whose spouse and children are US citizens, but because she entered the country illegally she could not obtain a work permit or get any jobs. Eventually Felicia went to ALG Lawyers and with their help applied for permanent residency through the stateside waiver program, explaining to the immigration officials that her family members would suffer great hardship if she were not allowed to remain with them. After a short visit to her home country to interview for a visa, she was allowed to return to the United States and was approved for permanent residency through the stateside waiver program. She is still happily living and working here with her family.

H-1B Professional Worker Visa- Peter

Peter is a specialty worker who has worked as a coder for a software company here in the United States since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. While he was working under OPT status, his employer’s decided to sponsor him for an H1-B visa in April. His employer decided to use ALG Lawyers as their immigration attorneys, and with their assistance his application approved in two weeks and Peter could start work under his new visa in October of that very same year. Peter was later able to apply for permanent residency, allowing him to stay up to six years and happily work as a computer programmer in the United States.

Marriage-Based Petition- Carol

Carol is from Europe and was touring the United States under ESTA, or the Visa Waiver Program, when she met her then fiancé. After they were married, Carol knew she needed to obtain residency in the United States so that she and her husband could remain together. Carol contacted ALG Lawyers and learned that she qualified for a marriage-based petition. This meant that because she got married while here through the Visa Waiver Program, Carol was able to apply for permanent residency without having to return to her home country. Carol was quickly approved for work and living permits so that she could remain in the United States while her application was processed. She was easily approved for permanent residency, and she and her husband are happily living in the United States.

TN Professional Work Visa- Frank

Frank is a managing consultant from Canada who received an offer from a United States business to work for them for a few years. As a foreign national he knew he would need a visa, so he contacted ALG Lawyers. He learned that because of the National American Free Trade Agreement the United States has with Mexico and Canada, his status as a Canadian citizen allowed him to obtain a TN temporary work visa. Within weeks he was able to apply at the border and was approved to work in the United States for 3 years. He is currently working for the company as a managing consultant thanks to his approval for the TN temporary visa.

E-1 Treaty Trader- Jeff

Jeff owned his own computer hardware company in South Korea that did a substantial amount of trade with the United States. His controlling position and unique expertise in the business made him absolutely essential to the operation of the company and so he wished to come to the United States to manage that aspect of the operation. He decided to go through ALG Lawyers for his legal needs and then learned that his substantial international trade qualified him for the E-1 Treaty Investor Visa. His visa was approved in less than three weeks and he later was able to receive an extension of two more years through ALG Lawyers. Jeff remains in the United States today helping facilitate the international trade of his home country.

E-2 Visa Investor- Karen

Karen was planning to start a small business in the United States and was looking for a visa to do so. She had invested a substantial amount in her business, more than enough to start it and help it thrive. She soon became a client of ALG Lawyers and they helped her apply for an E-2 visa, which would grant her legal access to stay within the country because of her substantial financial investment in her business. She was approved for her visa in two weeks and began running her business successfully, and under the terms of her visa can remain in the country so long as she continues to do so. ALG Lawyers also helped her husband receive approval for a work permit, allowing him to live in the country and work for any company he chooses. Karen continues to live in the United States and enjoy the success of her investment.

E-3 Specialty Occupations from Australia- Christopher

Christopher is a music producer from Australia who was recently hired by a music label in Los Angeles. He intended to move to the city and work for the company producing music, however since he was not a United States citizen of course he required a visa to do so. Christopher contacted ALG Lawyers for help with his legal needs and learned that his status as an Australian and his specialty occupation qualified him for the E-3 visa, which only Australians in certain occupations can obtain. ALG Lawyers helped him with the initial forms, the coordination of paperwork between him and his future employer, and of course with his visa application at his home embassy. His visa was approved in one month and now Christopher lives in the United States producing music.

EB-1 Employment Based Visa- Denise

Considered one of the most talented singers/actresses in Russia, Denise has won several awards in Russia for her talent and is regularly featured on television. After becoming so popular in Russia, Denise wanted to move to the United States and continue her career in the Hollywood entertainment circles. She contacted ALG Lawyers to learn about the immigration process and discovered that her extraordinary ability in the arts qualified her for an EB-1 Employment Based Visa. After petitioning through ALG Lawyers, Denise was approved for her green card and six months and has continued her acting career in California.

EB-2 Employment Based Visa National Interest Waiver- Louis

Louis is a Professor of Chemistry at a major university in southern California with exceptional abilities and acclaim in his field. He has contributed a great deal to his field and his university as a PhD in his time in the United States, and wanted to attain permanent resident status so that he could remain in the United States and continue his work. He contacted ALG Lawyers to see what his options were and learned that his occupation and contributions to his field qualified him for a National Interest Waiver under the EB-2 Visa, as it is in the best interest of the United States that he remains in the country. With the help of ALG Lawyers, Louis was able to get his green card within 6 months and continues to work and study chemistry.

EB-2 Bachelor’s and 5 Years’ Experience- Jessica

Jessica is a German software engineer manager at a major online retailer. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in software engineering, Jessica went on to work for the German branch of her company for the last five years. Because of her expertise in her field, her company wishes to transfer her to their main branch in the United States but of course she requires a visa to do so. Her employer reached out to ALG Lawyers and learned that her degree and accompanying experience qualified her for the EB-2 Employment Based Visa and began the petitioning process for Jessica. ALG Lawyers was able to get her green card approved in eighteen months, and now Jessica is happily working as a software engineer in the United States.

EB-2 Master’s Degree- Chandler

Chandler is an accountant from Canada who recently graduated with his master’s degree from an institution in the United States. Because of his exceptional performance throughout school, an accounting firm hired him immediately after graduation. However, as an foreign national he needed to change his visa from a student visa to an employment based one. His employer contacted ALG Lawyers for their immigration needs and learned that Chandler’s advanced degree qualified him for an EB-2 Employment Based Visa. They filed their petition for Chandler through ALG Lawyers and his green card was approved in eighteen months. Chandler continues to work as an accountant and lives in the United States today.

EB-3 Employment Based Visa Bachelor’s Degree- Kevin

Kevin is a sales assistant from India at an insurance company. His company is planning on transferring him from their foreign branch and is sponsoring him for his visa. They chose to contact ALG Lawyers for their immigration needs, and through them learned that Kevin’s bachelor’s degree qualified him for an EB-3 Employment Based Visa as a professional. His employer sponsored his visa with ALG Lawyers, and his green card was approved in eighteen months. Kevin continues to happily live and work in the United States today with his family.

EB-3 2 Years Experience- Christen

Christen is a French national that was recently offered a job as a secretary while visiting the United States. As an experienced secretary with more than two years experience in the field, she qualifies as a skilled worker in her industry. Her employer knew that she would have to obtain a visa because of her foreign status, so they contacted ALG Lawyers for legal assistance. They then learned that her status as a skilled worker qualified her for an EB-3 Employment Based Visa, and with their help submitted the petition for Christen. Her green card was approved in eighteen months and Christen was able to begin working for them.

EB-5 Green Card Investor- Robert

Robert is a foreign investor who is extremely dedicated to his business relations in the United States. He has invested at least $500,000 in a regional center, which created at least 10 jobs. Robert wanted to obtain a visa to actively continue his investment work in the United States, so he contacted ALG Lawyers to help with the process. Because of his investment, Robert qualified for permanent residency through the EB-5 Green Card. He was approved in six months and has continued living and investing in the United States as a permanent resident ever since.

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