Green Card through Marriage

A US citizen may sponsor his/her spouse for permanent residency. The most common situations for marriage-based immigration are:

  • Both husband and wife are in the US ; or
  • Both husband and wife are outside the US ; or
  • US Citizen is in the US and alien spouse is outside the US ; or
  • Not yet married, but will marry in the US very soon (fiancé / fiancée).
  • See also K-1 visa page for fiances / fiancees.

United States Marriage Visas

Marriage VisasIf you may qualify in any of the above categories, please call us to speak with a Los Angeles immigration lawyer. Our immigration lawyers have managed thousands of marriage visas and marriage-based immigration cases. Our immigration lawyers will guide you through entire process of obtaining a marriage visa step-by-step from start to finish.

As Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys we understand the importance of family and the value of achieving the American Dream. ALG Lawyers specializes in all forms of immigration law in regards to marriage visas and have years of success even when faced with the most difficult of green card cases. Our experienced Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys represent both national and international clients and have made a reputation for ourselves as persistent and thorough.

When handling marriage visas, our Los Angeles immigration lawyers utilize our knowledge and experience, and also our creativity to take a fresh approach at solving your immigration problems. ALG Lawyers provide effective and aggressive immigration, marriage visas and deportation representation. If you and your loved one are trying to become a US citizens, work within the United States or are attempting to stay within the US, please contact the Los Angeles immigration lawyers at ALG, we are here for you!

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