FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything about my immigration status. What should I do?

Start by calling us. It starts with an In-Person Consultation with one of our immigration lawyers. Our immigration lawyers are highly experienced experts in immigration law. After speaking with you, our immigration lawyers will explain your options to you. There’s no other way to begin and we are happy to help you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Why do I need an immigration lawyer?

Immigration law is one of the most complex fields of law. Immigration law changes everyday and requires many years of legal experience to understand it. There are many businesses that offer “immigration services” without immigration lawyers, but beware. These “immigration services” are usually illegal and cannot act as your immigration lawyer. Most people only get one chance to become an American. Don’t put yourself at risk. Get an immigration lawyer.

What if I can't afford an immigration lawyer?

No need to worry. We offer competitive rates and flexible payment plans depending on your needs. We don’t want anyone to be left behind because they simply couldn’t afford an immigration lawyer. Our immigration lawyers will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with our service and fees.

I'm in the US illegally, can you still help me?

In 2000, the US government passed a law that allowed almost all illegal aliens to apply for US citizenship. You may qualify under this law. Or you may qualify under a similar law in the near future. You may also be able to apply for a green card through other ways such as a family member. Don’t give up hope. Speak with one of our immigration lawyers today to know your options.

Can I check the status of my application?

Yes! As our valued client you can check the status of your application by phone, email or online. If you still don’t understand the status of your application, our immigration lawyers will happily explain it to you. There is no need to worry.

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