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About Deportation

Deportation or Removal is a process where the US government takes legal action to remove aliens from the country. The entire process usually takes place in immigration court in front of a judge. An attorney representing the US government petitions the court to remove the alien from the country permanently.

Who can be removed?

Any person that is not a US citizen can be removed from the country. Examples of those who are subject to removal include those who have overstayed their visa or worked without permission. Permanent Residents (green card holders) are also subject to removal if they are convicted of certain crimes or have violated immigration laws.

How does it begin?

The removal process usually begins with an arrest, or the issuance of a “Notice to Appear” (NTA). The NTA is an official notice from the government ordering the alien to appear in immigration court. The alien must defend himself/herself to stay in the country. If you are arrested or receive an NTA from the government, call us immediately to speak with an immigration lawyer.

Is it possible to stay in the US?

Yes, it is very possible to cancel removal proceedings and stay in the country, but only if you have good defense.

Call us to speak with an immigration lawyer to explore your defense options. Our immigration lawyers are experts in removal defense and will fight to keep you and your family in the country.

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